Sprachreise nach Dublin (27.01.2019 - 03.02.2019)


OUR TRIP to...

The Emerald Island (IRELAND)

"My mother was mad for the color green. She carpeted rooms in it, upholstered furniture with it and assembled her wardrobe from it, in all of its shades: Kelly and hunter, pistachio and olive, moss and myrtle. For my sister’s wedding she wore an emerald dress. I realized only recently that something bigger and deeper was at work. [...] It was on the road between Dublin and Cork when it hit me that the greens that decorated Mom’s days were the greens that decorate Ireland." (Anonymous)


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... the capital of the emerald island

… home to 3 winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature

… cradle of the world famous Guinness beer (people SWEAR it´s a magic potion … therefore the secret recipe …)

… world capital of live music

… twin of Bolzano as everything is bilingual (English and Gaelic)

… home of some of the most famous pop and Rock groups: U2, The Frames, Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy, Sinead O´Connor

… the place where most surnames start with O´ … (standing for „grandson“ … as in e.g. Frank O´Connor = grandson of Connor)

… home to the most famous pub in the world – TEMPLE BAR – and thus, so to speak, the „mum“ of our Irish pub, Temple Bar in Bozen

… and, last but not least: the place where we were very happy!!  (group of people from 4th grade, doing a 1-week language course there)

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